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 mobile wallet 

Using Mobile Phone

/what are mobile wallets?


Mobile wallets store credit and debit cards on a smartphone or wearable device (such as a smartwatch) to be used as a faster, secure payment method.


They’re also used to store digital passes such as loyalty cards, gift cards, concert & event tickets and boarding and membership passes.

/mobile wallet users spend twice as much...


On average, mobile wallet users spend approximately twice as much through all digital channels than those not using mobile payments, according to a new report from business consulting firm Bain & Co.

Expert Market analysis reveals that 35% of mobile wallet users are in the 25-34 ‘millennial’ age bracket, and 40% are high earners.

/mobile wallet passes open up a brand new communication channel with customers...​

A digital, mobile-driven loyalty programme enables customers to receive special offers, rewards and discounts through their mobile wallets every time they make a purchase.

Brands can share news, promotions, announcements, product details and other valuable content and information directly to the customers lock-screen. Data collected from customers empowers brands to deliver real-time, targeted promotions that customers actually want...

/mobile passes enable a 360 view of your customers

Mobile wallet passes can act as a standalone loyalty solution or enhance an existing programme. They are cost efficient, quick to deploy and an excellent way to provide a true omnichannel marketing experience for your customers.


Customers can sign-up for the digital pass, allowing brands to capture valuable first-party data, then download the pass directly into their Apple or Android wallet. This allows brands to connect offline purchasing behaviour with online/app interactions, which gives a value 360 insight into your customers and empowers brands to better target offers and promotions. 

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